Friday, November 11, 2005

I´m a Blogger! (mixed emotions about that)

Hola todos...I´m just playing around right now to figure how exactly this thing works, but what I assume will happen is that this is my first ´post´on my first ´blog.´ The thing of it is this, I´ve been writing a ton of emails lately yet to only a few people...and basically repeating myself, so, this is my quasi-solution to that. Some would call it lazy, I prefer efficient, tecno-savvy, ´hey he´s good,´ or some variation thereof. Can and will this replace email, you may ask? Of course not, but maybe at least a few more people will be privy to some of the crazy stuff that I´m getting into. Anyhow, I´ll try to make it interesting if you try to read. Deal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

james, Hello and best wishes from the king family.Cassie continues to survive and is actually looking good. Please be safe and take lots of pictures. Terry

25 January, 2006 14:40  

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