Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Banco Rio

I don`t know if you`ve already heard about this, and if so you can stop reading, but there was a bank robbery here last week in Buenos Aires that has been called the robbery of the century. I`m a bit fuzzy on the details, but 4 guys walked into a bank, robbed it, left through a raft in a tunnel which then got them to their jet skis. $50million later, no one has a clue who did it. They were long gone while the police thought they were still holding hostages and the only thing people think now is that there was some "mastermind" (obviously) who is probably part of some intelligence organization (because he is clearly more intelligent than the one investigating him), and he might be a foreigner (not giving Argentines credit to pull something like this off). Anyhow, it`s worth reading about if you get a chance.

So I write about this because I don`t have much going on in my life that is terribly interesting at the moment. Been stagnant for quite a while...and while it`s nice to rest a bit, not having to sleep in a hostel or in a bus every night, it really is no good for the interest of the blog. So tomorrow I head off, 18 hours on a bus to Iguazu, a Niagra Falls like (but a lot bigger, apparently) waterfall on the border of Paraguay and Brazil. This is the first leg of my long trip home, by Bus through South America until flying home from Caracas in May.

Anyhow, the adventure should soon pick up again as simultaneously my life is bound to get less comfortable (excitement and comfort do not coexist on this trip). So, hope to have some good things to write about soon...


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