Monday, January 23, 2006


Yes that`s right folks, San Miguel de Tucumàn, not a very exciting place. Dilapidated is the word that repeatedly pops up in my head. My room, first of all. My room boasts a 20ft ceiling (included, gaping hole) and no windows, while the Petit Hotel itself has several open ceiling (purposefully this time) grown over courtyards, lots of dark corners, and an overbearing feeling that the building (and it`s owner) is about to collapse...interesting place. This might be a stretch of the memory, but it`s very much like Great Expectations (film). Although I don`t think I`ll have the pleasure of staying here another night, I`ll be better for the experience of the one night. This dilapidatedness extends to the city, the central park, and just about everything with exception of the sparklingly new Bus Terminal.

So, yeah, today is just a stop-off day to "check out" Tucumàn, albeit against the advice of my Salteña friend. When I arrived this morning after 22 hours of semi-cama and max-AC I decided I wasn`t interested in another 4 hours to Salta. And you, how are things?


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