Thursday, January 26, 2006


So I think that I was unfairly harsh on Tucumán. Sure, not much to do there, but the government buildings lit up at night were a sight worth seeing and there was a pretty good all you can eat place. I met a kid who was thrilled to have met an American, first time I´ve had that experience; and clearly shows the lack of tourism and probably also that the little guy doesn´t read many papers.

Salta now, a great place. Reminds me a lot of Virginia in the summer, with a similar moutainous landscape (a bit bigger here) and even smells the same (cut grass, bbq, etc). I came to meet a really fun friend who lives here and who has been showing me around the city. Within the first hour I was here we walked up Cerro San Bernardo, which affords beautiful views of the city and the valley it calls home.

This afternoon we´ll head out to San Lorenzo to ride horses. This weekend it´s on to Cafayate and Cachi to check out some of the colorful canyons and little towns that make this part of Argentina famous. Should be a good trip.


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